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Herd Management Software
for the Rest of Us

We're always glad to hear from our customers.  And one of the things we hear over and over is how easy our software is to use.

DairyLive simply "makes sense."  The interface is powerful yet easy to understand. There are no cryptic commands to learn.  The "objects" you need to work with are organized clearly and are easy to get to.  DairyLive is fast.  You won't wait for ever to get that list or report.  DairyLive is stable -- it won't crash in the middle of doing something important.  It's easy to install and setup.  It's easy to backup your data and restore it if your hard drive ever crashes.

In other words, DairyLive is the software for the "rest of us".  The ones that are doing the work and don't have time to fool around with difficult software.  The ones who, if we have a question, can ask for technical support and get a clear answer quickly.

Software for the rest of us -- that's DairyLive!

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