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DairyLive Features

  • Browse the contents of your herd database using the "Herd Explorer", modeled after the Windows Explorer.
  • Instantly bring up an animal’s pedigree details, lactation data, or events, by just pointing to the animal and clicking a button on the toolbar.
  • Easily enter events, such as breedings, vaccinations, and pregnancy check results. The same event can be entered for multiple animals in just a few mouse clicks.
  • Create scatter graphs to compare a cow against the herd average or a group's average.
  • View standard charts that compare your herd's data with national and regional averages.
  • Use DairyLive Anywhere to take your herd data with you wherever you go, and even enter new events from your smart phone or any browser.  More information.
  • Design your own event protocols and track the progress of each animal through the protocol.
  • Use the pre-defined check lists and analysis reports to see how your herd is doing and what animals are due for certain events, such as pregnancy checks.
  • Track your costs and compute your income to know which cows and making money for you and which ones aren't.
  • Backup your herd data securely to the DairyLive server.
  • Create your own check lists and reports using easy dialog boxes and wizards to get the data that you need.
  • Track and print your semen inventories.
  • Get help at any time using the integrated help system. View online now
  • Automatically import data from your milking testing lab (AgSource, AgriTech, Raleigh DRMS, and PA DHIA are all supported) or from your Boumatic, Westfalia, AIC, or Greenoak parlor equipment. Many other systems are also supported.
  • Export your reports to other applications, such as Excel and Word. Even publish them on the Web!
  • Milk goats instead of cows? Use DairyLive to create a herd database that is customized for goat herds.
  • Are you a custom heifer grower?  Use the special features of DairyLive just for you, such as growth tracking and invoicing.
  • Great toll-free technical support for six months for all registered users.

You may also want to take a look a the Screenshots section to get an idea of what DairyLive feels like.

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