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DairyLive Release Notes

Version 5.101A

Database Conversion from Old Version - Due to a bug in a recent Windows update, the old version of DairyLive is not able to read two tables in the database. This affects the conversion of an old database to the new format, and it also causes an error when using the old version (pre-5.0) of DairyLive. In this version, DairyLive will restore these tables. If you are having trouble using the old version of DairyLive because of this Windows bug, you will need to update to version 5.101.

Custom Events in DairyLive Transfer Files - DairyLive will now import custom events from a DairyLive transfer file. Previously it ignored custom events. Only the event names and dates are imported. The event details are not.

Detection of Herd Database in Use - DairyLive will now detect if another copy of DairyLive is running and has your herd database open. Only one copy of DairyLive can have a herd database open at the same time. DairyLive will now show a message if this occurs, and offer to activate the previous copy of DairyLive.

Version 5.100A

Subscription Edition - DairyLive is now available by monthly subscription! See DairyLive.com for more information.

Event View Filter - The filter option were not working correctly. This is fixed.

Custom Import Date Format - The format "DD/MM/YYYY" is now supported.

AI Technician Performance Report - Sometimes the pregnancy success rate was not being computed correctly. This is fixed.

Version 5.007D

Communication Timeout for DairyLive Anywhere - Sometimes for large herds, the Anywhere synchronization would timeout waiting for the server to respond. The default timeout has been changed from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, but it can be adjusted by the user in the options screen for DairyLive Anywhere.

Version 5.007C

High Resolution Screens - Some selection lists containing checkboxes were not displayed correctly on high DPI screens. This is fixed.

Animal Weights - The program now stores animal weights in fractions of a pound or kilogram instead of in whole numbers, making it more precise for small breeds (such as goats).

I.D.ology Reader - You can now configure the reader to remove the country code from tags that are read.

Semen Inventory Report - The report was not showing updated information about the number of breedings and pregnancies after adding a new animal event. This is fixed.

Multi-user Mode Crash - The program would sometimes crash when running in multi-user mode. This is fixed.

Version 5.006A

Calving Rate - You can now include the calving rate in check lists. The calving rate is defined as the number of breedings divided by the number of calvings for a cow, but not including breedings since the most recent calving.

Technician Performance Report - DairyLive can now provide a report of how successful your technicians have been with AI breeding. The report shows the total number of breedings vs pregnancies (success rate). These values are shown for all time and for the last 12 months. You can access this report through the View menu.

Semen Inventory Summary - A few new columns have been added to help you see which AI bulls have had the most success in breeding. The report now shows the total number of breedings vs the pregnancies (success rate). These values are shown for all time and for the last 12 months. You can access this report through the View menu.

Calendar View - Notations for culled animals will no longer be shown in the calendar view.

Data Import - Sometimes new animals would be imported with an invalid date of birth.

Data Export (Greenoak) - The export file was missing an ending blank line.

Semen Inventory Screen - Sometimes the breed selection did not work correctly. This is fixed.

Version 5.005E

Protocol View - An error that caused frequent popup messages in this window was fixed

Version 5.005D

Import from Greenoak Parlour Server - The import was not working correctly for some import files. This is now fixed.

Version 5.005C

On-Line Backup - A security key is now optional when backing up your database on-line. However, it is still recommended that you use a security key.

New Properties for Check Lists - There are two new properties: "Sire NAAB Code" and "Days Dry Last Lactation".

Custom Imports - You can now specify that semi-colons be used in CSV files instead of commas (common in Spanish implementations of Excel). Also, floating point numbers that contain commas instead of periods are interpretted correctly.

Import from Greenoak Parlour System - DairyLive can now import the newer format of CSV files exported from Greenoak's Parlour System software.

New Development Tools - A newer version of Microsoft's development tools was used to build this version of DairyLive.

Version 5.005B

Event View - You can now export the contents of the Event View to a CSV file. See the menu Event.

Converting a Reminder to an Event - A database error would sometimes occur when converting a reminder to an event. This has been fixed.

Version 5.005A

Starting a Protocol - When entering an event that starts a new protocol, DairyLive will create reminders for all of the events in the protocol being started.

Computation of Production Totals - The computations for various "to date" production measurements, such as "Year to date" are more accurate now.

Export to Parlour Server - You can now export your status updates to Greenoak's Parlour System software.

Import from Rumitag Files - This is now available again but only in the 32-bit version of the program.

Improved Support for High DPI Displays - Some of the controls were scaled improperly on high DPI screens. This is fixed.

Version 5.004A

I.D.ology Reader Support - DairyLive can now read RFID tags directly from an I.D.ology LightningROD reader through a wireless bluetooth connection.

Import from Greenoak Parlour Server - You can now import milking data from the Greenoak Parlour Server system through a CSV file that can be exported from Parlour Server.

Bigger Buttons - If you are running DairyLive on a tablet or a high DPI device, DairyLive can make the main toolbar buttons bigger.

Estimating Milkings - The function for estimating a milking based on other milkings for the day was very slow. It is very fast now.

Duplicate Barn Names - The program would sometimes allow you to create two animals with the same name but different case, for example, "Bernie" and "BERNIE". This is fixed.

Standard Send File Fix - The export to SSF was exporting reminders as well as events. Now it will only export events.

Gallenberger PRT File Fix - The barn name or number was sometimes being truncated when importing from Gallenberger PRT files. This is fixed.

Protocol View Fix - A database error would sometimes occur in the Protocol View under certain circumstances. This is fixed.

- DairyLive Release Notes -

Version 5.003H

XP Issue - There was a problem on older versions of Windows (XP to be specific) that caused an error when DairyLive tried to open a file.

Event Notes - The event notes are limited to 50 characters. DairyLive was allowing more characters to be typed but then truncated the extra characters. Now you will only be able to type a maximum of 50 characters.

Invoicing for Heifer Growers - If a cost profile was set to ignore event costs, the invoices were still including them. This is fixed.

Version 5.003G

Event Type Additional Information Bug - When editing an event type's "additional information" which allowed for a choice of values, upon saving, the choices were being run together as a single long choice. This is fixed now.

Currency Values - Sometimes currency values were not being saved correctly to the database. This is fixed.

Printing Improvements - Reports that contain tables will now have table headers printed on each page instead of only on the first page. Also, some improvements were made to formatting of printed reports.

Portuguese Support - Support for Portuguese has been improved in this version.

Version 5.003F

Converting Old Databases

- When converting a herd database from a version previous to version 5, if the file name contained a foreign character, the conversion would fail. This is now fixed.

Portuguese Language Support

- Support for the Portuguese language is more complete now. We expect to have this totally complete in the near future.

Version 5.003E

Adding Events in Large Herds - For very large databases, sometimes a limit would be reached for a certain internal counter causing a database error. This is now fixed.

Version 5.003D

Event Viewing from Animal Details - In the Events and Reminders tab, there is now a link that will show the events or reminders in a separate resizable view.

Backup/Restore - When restoring from a version of DairyLive prior to version 5, the restore wizard assumed that the restored file was in the new format when in fact it wasn't, causing an error. DairyLive will now try to detect the type of file (old or new) before opening it. Also, backup files will now have an extension of .hbkx to distinguish them from the old backup file names.

File Names Containing Foreign Characters - DairyLive was unable to open files where the name contained characters such as ñ. This is now fixed.

DNL File Import - A couple of fixes were made to the DNL import operation.

Analysis Reports - Analysis reports that show projections sometimes showed the data off by one month. This is fixed.

Version 5.003C

32-bit Version - A 32-bit version of DairyLive 5 is now available. This version will run on Windows XP as well as 32-bit versions of Windows 7 and later.

Trial Version Message - When registering a trial version, an error message was shown even though the trial version was registered successfully. This is fixed.

Version 5.003B

DairyLive Anywhere Synchronization - There was a database error that occurred when synchronizing with DairyLive Anywhere while downloading new events. This has been fixed.

Analysis Reports - When generating a projection-style report, the time units were off by one.

Version 5.003A

On-Line Licensing - Our customers can now do on-line licensing from this version of DairyLive.

SCR Export Corrections - A couple of fixes were made to the Export to SCR function.

Version 5.002A

New Database Engine - DairyLive 5 is built on a completely new database engine based on the popular open-source software SQLite. Previously DairyLive used Microsoft's "Jet" engine, which is being phased out by Microsoft. You should find that the speed of the program is snappier and the integrity of your data should be stronger. A conversion utility is provided to convert your old DairyLive herd database to the new format. Just choose Convert Herd from the file menu to do this conversion, which typically takes only a couple of minutes.

64-bit Support - DairyLive 5 requires a 64-bit version of Windows. Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 are supported. DairyLive 5 will NOT run on Windows XP. 64-bit programs typically run much faster than 32-bit programs.

New Looks - This version of DairyLive has newly design icons to make the program cleaner and less cluttered.

Integration with SCR's Dataflow II System - You can export your status data to SCR's Dataflow monitoring system. (Import from SCR is coming soon.)

Export/Import from Other DairyLive Databases - You can export one or more animals to a "DairyLive Transfer File" and then import that data into another herd. This is particularly useful if you have sold some animals to another DairyLive customer and you would like to transfer the management data as well.

Enterprise Edition - DairyLive can now be used in a multi-user configuration when the database resides on a network drive on the local area network (LAN). This capability requires the Enterprise edition.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes and User Interface Tweaks - Many other more minor changes and improvements have been made to DairyLive.

Version 4.100E

Photos - A photo that was added to the Animal Details sometimes did not display correctly when the animal was later opened in the view. This is fixed.

DairyLive Anywhere - When synchronizing with DairyLive Anywhere you can specify whether or not to use a secure connection. We suggest you use a secure connection, but some older versions of Windows XP may not be able to communicate with the server using the level of encryption that is required.

Analysis Reports - Sometimes the program would crash when editing the design of an analysis report. This is fixed.

RFID Reader - When configuring the Trovan RFID reader, you can specify whether tags should be converted to decimal or left in the format that is native to the reader (e.g., hexadecimal).

Version 4.100D

Protocol View Fix - A fix was made to the Protocol View that was causing data to be misaligned.

Database Upgrade - When updating the database from a very old version of DairyLive, some categories were not getting created correctly.

Trovan RFID Reader Fix - A fix was made to the interface to the RFID reader when using a port number greater than 9.

Version 4.100C

Support for Trovan LID-272/273/275 RFID Readers - DairyLive can now interface directly with the these Trovan readers to read RFID tags and navigate to the animal details or automatically select an animal while entering test day data.

Restored Missing Toolbars - The new high color toolbars were missing from some of the view windows. This has been fixed.

Fixed Missing Barn Name in DairyLive Anywhere - In some cases, the barn name was not being uploaded to the DairyLive Anywhere site during synchronization. This is now fixed.

SSF File Export - The computer number will now be exported instead of the barn name for certain records, such as fresh cow records.

Protocol Fix - If there was more than one protocol defined, DairyLive was combining them instead of showing them separately.

On-line Restore - DairyLive will use the default herd folder when restoring a herd database from an on-line backup. Previously it tried to save it in the exact same location, which may not even exist on the destination computer.

Pedigrees and Progenies for Semen - The menu items for these functions was not enabled, making this unavailable. This has been fixed.

Version 4.100B

Support for Trovan GR-251 RFID Reader - DairyLive can now interface directly with the Trovan GR-251 reader to read RFID tags and navigate to the animal details or automatically select an animal while entering test day data.

Test Day Data Input for Individual Animals - You can now enter test day data from the Production tab in the Animal Details view, including milk weight, fat, protein, SCC, and milking time.

Pedigree and Progeny Reports for Semen Inventory - You can now generate a pedigree chart or progency report from a semen inventory item. Select the semen inventory in the Herd Explorer and click on the Pedigree or Progeny button in the toolbar.

Toolbar Corrections (Spanish only) - Some of the toolbar items were reversed when running in Spanish. This has been fixed.

Standard Chart Design - The menu item for accessing the design of a standard chart was not enabled making it inaccessible. This has been corrected.

Version 4.100A

Updated User Interface - The program has updated graphics for the toolbars and icons. The graphics are more colorful and easier to understand. The design dialogs for Check Lists and Reports are now a modal dialog instead of the non-modal dialogs that sometimes obscured the corresponding view window.

Protocols - You can now define a protocol, which is a sequence of events that you expect to occur for an animal. For example, you can define a synchronization protocol and then see which cows are due for events in the protocol. There is a new category in the Herd Explorer called Protocols, and a new type of view window for viewing and designing protocols.

New Animal Properties - Several new animal properties have been added including: Group Number, Sire Breed, Dam Breed, Days Since Last Negative PG, Days From Negative PG to Breeding, DIM at First Breeding After Negative PG, and Best Completed Lacation.

New Export Types - You can now export to a Standard Send File (SSF) and an AIC tag file.

New Import Types - DairyLive now directly supports import from Gallenberger PRT files. You can also define more than more custom import type. You can now import the gender of an animal in a custom import file.

Small Farm Edition - DairyLive has replaced the Caprine Edition with a Small Farm Edition. In this edition, your database can contain up to 50 animals. Import/export are not available in this edition, nor is interfacing with DairyLive Anywhere. This edition is intended for very small operations and is available at a reduced cost.

DairyLive Companion for the Palm - Support for the old DairyLive Companion for the Palm has been removed completely. The Palm conduit interface was never supported on Windows Vista and later. DairyLive Anywhere is the modern replacement for the Companion.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes - A number of bug fixes are included in this release.

Performance Improvements - You should see some improvement in performance since this release has been built with the latest development tools from Microsoft.

Version 4.003A

Parlor Data - DairyLive now has broader support for parlor information, including the ability to input individual milkings for each cow. Additional reports can be created to show individual milkings, with support for session data imported from the AIC Herd Tracker ID system.

Default Sorting in Check Lists - You can now specify any field in a check list to be the field to be sorted on, either ascending or descending.

Version 4.000G

This version includes some minor bug fixes. If you are not having problems with DairyLive, it is not necessary to update to this version.

Version 4.000F

Import from AIC Session Files - You can now import session files from the Herd Tracker ID system from AIC. In this release, only milk weights are imported. You must define RFID numbers for each animal that may appear in a session file.

New Calendar View - A new main window called a Calendar View can be displayed that shows a monthly calendar of either events or reminders. You acces this through the View menu. The calendar displays links to animals that have events or reminders for the month. You can click on the links to show the animal details. You can also move from month to month and print the calendar.

Days Since Last ET Property - You can include this property in your check list reports if you do embryo transplants.

RFID Numbers in Custom Imports - You can now create a custom import definition that can match RFID numbers in an import file.

Version 4.000D

New Property "Last 3 Breeding Dates" - This property is now available in check lists. The last three breeding dates (since the last calving) are shown, separated by commas.

Handling of Calving and Dry Off Events that Have the Same Date - If a calving and a dry-off event are entered for the same date, DairyLive will consider the lactation of the animal to be "fresh". In some cases, DairyLive was indicating a "dry" status.

DairyLive Anywhere Available to Trial Users - If you are using the trial version you can now request a trial DairyLive Anywhere account and use the DairyLive Anywhere synchronization function. (Request account.)

Importing Culled Animals - If DairyLive encounters an animal in an import file (e.g., a standard transfer file), the animal will be placed in the "Not in Herd" group. Previously the animal would sometimes end up in an active group.

Version 4.000C

Restore Button on Welcome Screen - A Restore Herd button has been added to the Welcome screen to make it easier for users to restore a herd database after re-installing the program.

Version 4.000B

Events Occurring on the Same Day - Sometimes DairyLive would compute the animal reproduction status incorrectly if a heat event and breeding event had the same date. This has been corrected.

Improved 'Quick Search' - The animal "Find" window has been improved. It is now called the Quick Search window and allows you to quickly find an animal by name, RFID, visible tag, and several other fields. As you type each letter, the matching animals will be displayed. You can control the search fields through an Options dialog.

DairyLive Anywhere Synchronization - Special characters, such as ñ and é, were not displaying correctly in the DairyLive Anywhere web site after synchronizing. This has been corrected.

Version 4.000A

DairyLive Anywhere - This version introduces the new DairyLive Anywhere feature. Using DairyLive Anywhere, you can upload your herd data to the DairyLive server and then access it through any browser or smart phone with a data plan. You can enter new events and then synchronize your data with your desktop. To upload and synchronize your data, go to the Tools menu in DairyLive and select Synchronize with DairyLive Anywhere. To access your herd data from a browser, go to https://www.DairyLive.com/Anywhere.

Add Event Dialog Change - When adding a new event, you can now click Add/New to add the event and then refresh the dialog to being adding another event. To add the event and close the dialog, click Add/Close.

Quick Search - The search window has been changed. You can quickly search for an animal by name or number by typing in the search field. As you type each letter, all matches up to the letters typed so far will be shown in the results list. For example, if you type "1", the animals "100", "101", "102", etc., will be shown. To open one of the animals, just double-click on it.

Animal Lactation Tab and Overlaying Standard Charts - The Animal Details view, Lactation tab, now allows you to select a standard chart, which will be overlayed on the lactation curve of that animal. This allows you to compare the animal's lactation with a "standard" curve of your choosing.

Default Event Types - The checklist design window (General tab) has an option to select an event type which will be automatically selected when entering an event for an animal on that check list. For example, in a check list for cows to preg check, you may want the default event type to be Confirmed PG, to save having to select it with your mouse.

Pedigree View Change - The sire will now be shown above the dam instead of vice versa.

Backup to Floppy Disks - This option has been removed. You can still restore from floppies that were created with older versions of DairyLive.

Detection of Unsuccessful Herd File Opens - If for some reason DairyLive crashes while trying to open a herd database, the next time you start DairyLive, it will not try to re-open that file.

Version 3.211D

Embryo Transfer Date Computations - Some of the computations for dry-offs and due dates were not being computed correctly for cows with embryos.

Trial Version Installation - The installer was not finishing if a trial version was being installed.

Version 3.211C

New Event Properties - Each event type will automatically make the following properties available for your check lists: "Event Count (Lactation)" and "Event Count (Lifetime)". These properties can be used to find out how many times the event occurred for an animal during the current lactation or for the animal's lifetime.

Export to I.D.ology - You can now export your check lists to I.D.ology RFID readers. Use the Export button in the List View and select the I.D.ology file type.

Version 3.210A

Caprine Edition - A special edition of DairyLive is now available for goat dairies. This edition is called the Caprine edition and is designed especially for the smaller homestead goat dairy. With the Caprine edition, you can enter up to 150 animals total. It can be used only for goat dairies and does not include the Companion function for the Palm or import of data from external sources.

Professional Edition - The former standard edition is now called DairyLive Professional. This includes the Companion function for the Palm. Current owners of the former standard edition can upgrade to the Professional Edition at no charge, as long as their technical support is current.

Updated Support for On-Line Backups - The backup server has been relocated, so users should update to version 3.210 as soon as possible to ensure reliable on-line backups. The old version will continue to work for now.

Configurable Currency Symbol - You can now specify your own currency symbol in the Options and Setup dialog, which will be used when showing monetary values.

Protein Computations for Lactations to 305 Days - An error in this calculation has been fixed.

Moving Culled Animals - When moving a culled animal to another group, the culling information was being lost. This has been fixed.

Standard Transfer File Import - If the import data contained dam computer ID's for dams that were not in the file, the animal's dam information was sometimes incorrect. This has been fixed.

Version 3.206C

Support for Embryo Transfer events - You can now enter embryo transfer events. DairyLive will prompt for the donor cow name or ID, which is used in the pedigree information for the calf after it is born. Also, the Repro Status of a cow has an additional possible value: ET Recip, meaning that it has been implanted with an embryo but has not yet been confirmed pregnant.

New Animal Properties - There are few new animal properties that can be used in reports: Embryo Transfer Date (date of last embryo transfer but not earlier than last calving); DIM at First Heat (days in milk at first heat); Lactation-to-Date Avg Milk (average daily production for current lactation; Last Lactation Avg Milk (average daily production for last completed lactation).

Cut-off Event Type - You can now specify a "cutoff" event type for an event type. The cutoff type will be used to determine whether to show past animal events in reports that occurred previously to the cutoff event. For example, the cutoff event type for Confirmed Pregnant is Calving because the Confirmed Pregnant event is not generally meaningful if it occurred before the most recent calving. This can be configured in the Event Type dialog, and several of your existing event types will be modified when you install this new version.

Duplicate Barn Names/Numbers - Depending on the version of your operating system or other software you have installed, the check for duplicate barn names may have quit working. This has been fixed. Barn names can only be re-used if the previous animal with that name is no longer active in the herd.

Entry of weight and BCS for new animals - You can now enter the weight and body condition score of new born animals immediately after entering the calving event.

Support for DRMS DNL version 2 - Version 2 of the DNL file format is now supported.

Other fixes - Various other fixes and minor adjustments have been made to the program.

Version 3.201B

Support for Palm Desktop 6.2 - This version supports installation of the DairyLive Companion under version 6.2 of the Palm Desktop software.

If your program is working OK, it is not necessary to install this version of DairyLive.

Version 3.200D

NOTE: If you have an older version of DairyLive already installed, it is recommended that you first uninstall that version before installing this new version.

IMPORTANT: This version of DairyLive has not been tested with Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows ME. If you have one of these older versions of Windows, we recommend that you use DairyLive 3.100 or earlier.

New Internal Technology- This version of DairyLive was built using the latest software tools from Microsoft, for faster, more reliable operation.

Support for Windows Vista- This version provides native support for Windows Vista and works correctly with Vista's security architecture.

New Animal Properties - There are some new properties of animals that can be used in check lists and reports:

  • USAIN - The unique FDA animal identification number
  • Premise ID - The FDA-assigned premise identification number for the physical location of this animal

Standard Transfer File Support - You can now import any version of the Standard Transfer File.

Version 3.100A

New Animal Properties - There are some new properties of animals that can be used in check lists and reports:

  • Last Breeding Sire NAAB - Valid if the last breeding sire was an AI bull
  • Num Estrus Cycles Past VWP - Number of complete 21-day cycles that have occurred since a cow's Voluntary Waiting Period was over

Trial Version - The length of the trial version period is now 30 days.

DHI Provo Support - If you are a DHI Provo customer, you can now export your recent herd events to a file and pass it on to your field technician.

Import Fixes - A couple of fixes have been made to importing data from external files, such as DHI files.

Invoices for Heifer Growers - For each line item in the invoice, the heifer's birthday has been added.

On-line Restore Fix - The on-line restore operation will now pay attention to the file name that you provide.

Version 3.000B

DairyLive Companion - If you are using DairyLive Companion for the Palm, be sure to get this update.  After updating to this version, you must download the Companion program to your Palm device.  To do this, start DairyLive and select Setup DairyLive Companion from the Tools menu.  Check the box labeled, "Download DairyLive Companion to Palm computer during next HotSync".  Exit DairyLive and do a HotSync.

Version 3.000A

On-Line Backup - You can now backup your herd database using the DairyLive on-line backup service.  When you do an on-line backup, your herd data is encrypted with a security key that you choose.  It is compressed and sent to the DairyLive site.  If you ever need to restore your herd database, you can retrieve it by using your security key to decrypt the data and restore it to your computer.  This new method of backing up your herd database is available to all users that have up-to-date technical support.  Each DairyLive user will have up to 2 megabytes of storage available, which can accommodate about several backups, depending on your herd size. More space is available if needed.

Standard Charts - A standard chart shows your herd's data against standard curves. You can compare your production data against various typical herds based on the area of the country that you live in and the average production per lactation of your cows. There are charts that show first lactation, second lactation, and later lactation cows. Each chart shows the curves representing "standard" herd data. You cows are shown as dots on the chart. Click on a dot to see the animal details for that cow. Several standard charts for lactation and heifer growth are included. You can create your own standard charts and use them to set and monitor goals for your herd.

A new category will appear in your Herd Explorer window called "Standard Charts".

New animal Properties - Several new properties of animals have been added.  These can be used in check lists and reports:

  • Age at First Breeding

  • Last 305 Milk (Actual)

  • Last 305 Fat (Actual)

  • Last 305 Protein (Actual)

  • Last 305 Value (Actual)

New Backup and Restore Wizards - To backup your herd database, you will use the new Backup Wizard.  This wizard integrates the three methods of backup: to floppy disk, to another disk (CD-R, USB), or to on-line backup service.  To restore your herd database, you will use the new Restore Wizard.

New Purpose Code - A new "purpose" has been added: Reproduction.  Your herd bulls and bucks should be designated with this purpose (instead of Milk Production).  Use the Animal Details screen to change the purpose to Reproduction for your herd bulls and bucks.

Semen Inventory Enhancements - You can now indicate sire and dam information for your semen inventory items.  This makes it easier to track the pedigree of animals that have been sired by an AI bull or buck.

Milk Weight Quick Entry Screen - The animals will now appear in numerical or alphabetical order.

Help Buttons - Each dialog has a help button.  The help button now looks like a yellow question mark.

Colors in Printed Check Lists - You can control whether you want your check lists to be printed with color shading.  The Options and Settings dialog (Lists and Reports tab) has the checkbox for controlling this.

Importing Data from DHIA and Parlor Systems - Some corrections have been made in this area.  Also, DairyLive can now import version 2 Standard Transfer Files from your DHIA processing center.

Exporting Production Data - The Quick Entry screen for entering test day data now has an Export button.  You can use this to export your test day data to a comma-separated-value (CSV) file for import into other programs, such as Microsoft Excel.

DairyLive Companion - Problems with selecting from long pick lists have been corrected.  Note that you will need to re-install DairyLive Companion on your Palm device.  After installing/upgrading DairyLive on your desktop, go to the Tools menu and select "Setup DairyLive Companion".  Check the box "Download DairyLive Companion to Palm computer during next HotSync."  Exit DairyLive and do a HotSync.

Version 2.200E

Canada DHIA - A correction was made to the Canada DHIA import operation.

Version 2.200D

Canada DHIA - Support for importing data from Canada DHIA "daisy" files and history files has been added.

Version 2.200C

New animal properties - The following new properties of animals can be used in check lists and reports:

  • Dam Registration Number
  • Sire Registration Number
  • Age Left Herd
  • Days Between Last 2 Calvings
  • Avg Days Between Calvings
  • Animal Details Birth page - A problem with selecting both a sire and dam from the drop-down lists has been fixed.

    Test Day Status Event Report - You can now export your status events to a printed report and give to your field technician on test day.  This report is designed to help AgSource customers who were using the SPEAR interface, which AgSource no longer supports.  This report is available under the Tools menu (Export Status Data to Printed Report).

    Animal Numbers/Names in Scatter Graph Reports - If you want each dot in a scatter graph report to also show the corresponding animal's name or number, you can select this option in the Options and Setup dialog (under the View menu).  Go to the Lists and Reports tab.

    Explorer View Header Bar - The header showing the number of items in the currently selected group has been added back in.  This was inadvertently removed in a previous version.

    Import from DHI - If you import a new animal from a file, such as a DHI file, it will automatically be designated as a milk production animal.

    Column Alignment in Pedigree View - The columns were not aligned correctly in the Pedigree View.  This has been corrected.

    Exporting Test Day Data - You can now export test day data to a comma-separated value (CSV) file, which can be imported into other programs, such as Microsoft Excel.  You do this by going to the Quick Entry screen (under Tools -> Enter Test Day Data).  Click the Export button.

    Animal Properties - The Conception Date and Breedings Per Conception properties were not being computed correctly.  This has been fixed.

    Version 2.200B

    Toolbar Problem Fixed - The new toolbars (see below) were not working correctly on Windows 98.  This has now been fixed.

    Version 2.200A

    New Look and Feel - New toolbars and buttons will enhance your user interface experience with DairyLive.  If you are using Windows XP, the menus and buttons will have the "XP" look and feel.

    Navigation Bar - You will find a new control bar under the existing toolbar.  For each window in the DairyLive that is open, a button will appear on this navigation bar. Click the button to go immediately to that window.

    Welcome Screen - This Welcome screen will appear the first time you start DairyLive after installing an update.  If you want this screen to appear every time you start DairyLive, you can set this option in the Options and Setup dialog.

    Check List Summary Data - Your check lists can now show summary information at the bottom.  The summary data can include Total, Average, High, Low, Count, and Standard Deviation.  The check list design dialog has an extra tab called Additional Data where you can set this up.

    Test Day Data in Check Lists - Your check lists can also contain test day data for as many previous months as you want.  For example, you can have your check lists show the milk weights for the last six months for each animal in a check list.  Use the Additional Data tab in the check list design dialog to set this up.

    More Animal Properties Available in Herd Explorer - You can use the Options and Setup dialog (Explorer tab) to select from a bigger list of animal properties, which can be shown in the Herd Explorer for groups of animals.

    New Animal Properties - Some new animal properties are added, which can be included in any check list or report:  Number of Abortions, DIM at Last Dry-off.

    Custom Header for Invoices - If you are using DairyLive to manage your professional heifer growing business, you can now customize your invoices to include a header at the top.  You will need to create the HTML for this header.

    DairyLive Companion Changes - You can now move animals from one group to another from your Palm computer.  Select the animals you want to move and tap on the Move button.  The next time you HotSynch with your desktop, the animals will be moved.

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